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黃 大 仙 廟 求 簽 請 進

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> >Thanks for helping me to analyze~ =) >so would you tell me about 自身? My mom told me that she wanted to >know about it.. she said 自身 means including everything such as Love, >Work, Health etc.. is it right ? Answer :
梗係唔係啦! 你估歲晚 "賀年糖果" ---樣樣齊 咩!? "自身" 主要係講個人狀況, 照我理解其實係講個人健康, 精神, 生活...(甚至生命安危) 等等, 主指 "生活" . 哈哈... 阿媽梗係唔會講到出口催你嫁啦!